Commercial & Office Buildings

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Employee efficiency and productivity are top priorities for all businesses, but how to achieve them while reducing costs is always a challenge. LED lighting can help! LED lighting has been proven to have a positive effect on fatigue, activity levels, and reaction times. Not to mention, making the switch to environmentally-friendly LED technology promotes your building as one that supports green initiatives.

Tenant safety and retention are also areas where LEDs can play an important role. The highly-optimized optical acuity from LED lights provides greatly increased security, and also gives the versatility and freedom to design the exact look and feel that your tenants desire.

LED Products: Applications:
  • Reception / Entrance lobby
  • Parking lots / Parking structures
  • Staff offices / Hallways
  • Elevators
  • Rec rooms
  • Presentation rooms
  • Security lighting
  • Architectural lighting
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