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We’ve been serving the Transportation and Railroad market since 1983, and no one understands the needs of the industry better than we do. We know that proper, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting is essential, especially in the matter of safety for the passengers, customers, and employees.

LEDtronics only manufactures premium-quality products that are engineered to last. Not only do we offer LED indicators for OEMs, but also general indoor and outdoor LED lighting. Our products are high shock / vibration resistant, and come in a wide range of voltages—including low voltage!

Our quality LED lights are used on applications such as railroad lighting, trains/buses/trams, interior/exterior rail vehicles, inboard/outboard, passenger vehicles/locomotives, tunnels, warning/signal lights, running/marker lights, engine compartment lighting, rail car brake/ tail lights, maintenance yards/rail yards, subway stations/mass transit, light/heavy rail, door light, control/instrument panels, airplanes/boats, office/facilities, and parking lots/structures.

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