Defense & Aerospace

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Since the day we started business in 1983, we have been America's Premium Brand LED Company for the U.S. Military—Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, etc.—and Aerospace / Avionics industries. LEDtronics is a qualified Government and Defense supplier (CAGE code 8Z410), and over 800 National Stock Numbers (NSN) have been assigned to our products over the years. No other LED company can match our proven mastery and experience with Industrial OEM Indicator Lights.

We understand that Government and Defense applications have ‘Made in USA’ requirements. Unlike most LED companies, LEDtronics is a USA manufacturer, and all our products come with UNCONDITIONAL U.S. factory warranties.

We know that many of your indicator lights are located in applications with long duty cycles, and longevity/long life and sustainability is critical. The solid state design of LEDs make them shock and vibration resistant, reducing failures dramatically. Additionally, the significantly clearer visibility with our LED lights is an essential advantage when used in Defense and Aerospace.

LED Products: Applications:
  • Aircraft instrument panels
  • Hummer side marker lights
  • Hummer gauge backlights
  • Ship control panels
  • Specialty submarine lights
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Interior task lights
  • Security lighting
  • Staff offices / Hallways
  • Parking lots / Parking structures
  • Elevators
  • Architectural lighting
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